Our Burlington dentists want patients to know that if they have the option to save a tooth, they should!

Root canal therapy is one of those procedures in dentistry that just can’t seem to escape its bad rap.

Many patients fear this common procedure performed to save infected teeth from ultimate extraction – when in reality, there’s truly nothing to fear about this safe and painless treatment. In fact, many root canals performed today don’t take much longer than a routine check-up, and have a success rate of over 95%!

With that said, if you’re ever given the options of receiving root canal treatment on a tooth vs. having it extracted, our Burlington doctors assure you that root canal treatment is the way to go. The many issues and complications associated with losing a natural tooth (or worse, several) is just not worth choosing extraction over a root canal – especially in the long-term.

How will I know if I need root canal therapy?

Of the many dental-related issues a person can potentially experience in a lifetime, there are several common tell-tale signs that point to potentially needing a root canal treatment.

Let’s explore some of the questions you can ask yourself about your tooth pain to help get you closer to determining whether a root canal may be (unfortunately) in the cards:

Question One: Does pain continue to occur after exposure to cold/hot temperatures or sweets, or with no trigger at all?

Cold and/or hot temperatures or sweet foods are notorious for causing tooth pain in people susceptible to tooth sensitivity – however if this pain persists even when the source has been removed, this is a problem.

Additionally, if your tooth pain comes on with no known trigger, or if it persists for longer than normal, then it’s definitely time to have that tooth looked at by a professional.

Question Two: Is there discolouration on the tooth in question?

Tooth darkness or discolouration on a single tooth (not affecting the neighbouring teeth) can be an indication of a very troubled tooth. See our dentists ASAP!

Question Three: Does pain intensify with movement?

If you notice that your tooth pain worsens when you suddenly move or alter the position of your body, this is unfortunately something to take seriously.

Question Four: Does there appear to be a fistula or an abscess?

Fistulas, or “gum boils”, are spots that look like pimples that appear on the gum. Although they usually don’t present any pain, these spots are an indication of infection.

If you’ve been experiencing abnormal or persisting tooth pain, or any of the above symptoms, it’s time to call our Burlington dental office.

With any dental issue, early intervention will help to reduce the risk of needing a more extensive treatment, or worse – potentially losing a tooth if damage has become so severe that a root canal won’t suffice.

If you have any dental concerns or think you may be in need of root canal therapy, please contact our team at Nabeta Dentistry today!