It’s time to put an end to the debilitation.

Headaches are the 3rd most common illness in the world – with roughly 12% of the population suffering from frequent attacks (including children). Almost all headache sufferers find it impossible to function or work while their headache pain is occurring. It’s a real shame.

Why do people get headaches?

While the exact cause of headache pain is unknown, there are certain factors believed to trigger the illness. These include feelings of stress and anxiety (including physical stress), loud noises, bright lights, changes in sleep patterns or hormone levels, alcohol consumption, certain smells or perfumes, hunger/missed meals, exposure to smoke, or even withdrawal from caffeine. There are even certain foods believed to contribute to the onset of headaches – chocolate being commonly speculated.

While there are so many potential causes for a chronic headache, it can be hard to know exactly what’s contributing – and even then, impossible to put an end to them. Over the counter pain medication often only offers so much relief – and not to mention, isn’t the healthiest option with prolonged use. Overuse of pain meds may actually also contribute to MORE headaches – and that’s a vicious cycle to avoid.

But there’s good news: Therapeutic Botox© for headache in Burlington!

Therapeutic Botox© to treat chronic headaches has been gaining more and more traction in the medical community – and that’s simply because it works.

But how does it work? Good question. Our trained Burlington dentists will inject the Botulinum toxin type A (Botox©) into the specific muscles associated with headache. Depending on how much medicine is required, this simple procedure may take around 10-30 minutes. Once the Botox© is administered, it is able to effectively reduce the intensity of muscle contractions, offering a relaxing effect – which helps to prevent this source of tension or stress known to contribute to your head pain.

Thinking about Therapeutic Botox© for your Chronic Head Pain?

Dr. Richard and Dr. Jared Nabeta proudly offer Therapeutic Botox© as a safe and effective treatment option for chronic tension headache in adults. If you’re ready to do more to prevent attacks from occurring, see our friendly doctors in Burlington today!