Here’s why you may want to opt for EMSculpt over the traditional invasive procedure.

EmSculpt is an FDA-approved, non-invasive body sculpting procedure that works to both eliminate unwanted fat AND build muscle simultaneously in areas like the abdomen and/or buttocks – and it’s proudly offered by our Burlington doctors at Nabeta Dentistry!

While EMSculpt is highly effective at eliminating unwanted body fat while also building muscle tone with no vigorous workout routine required, patients may also be wondering about whether liposuction for fat reduction is the better choice for them.

That’s why we’re here to help set the differences apart between the non-invasive EMSculpt and surgical liposuction procedures!

We’ll compare each looking at factors like convenience, safety/side effects, and overall effectiveness below:

When it comes to convenience…

Most patients agree that EMSculpt sessions are incredibly convenient, as a single treatment typically takes as long as 30 minutes and only requires that you sit back and relax as the vibrational sensations work their magic! Patients can also return to their normal daily activities with zero downtime following their sessions.

Liposuction, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that will typically take around 1-2 hours, with a recovery that may take several days. Fortunately however, only one session is typically needed for the desired result.

When it comes to safety and potential side effects…

Because EMSculpt is an entirely non-invasive body sculpting procedure, this also means it comes with very little risk of side effects. In fact, the most common side effect with EMSculpt is simply muscle soreness following sessions, which can be compared to the kind of soreness experienced the day after an intense workout.

On the contrary, since liposuction is an invasive procedure it does come with higher potential risks. Although rare, side effects may include negative reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, or other severe complications – which is why it’s so important to ensure you’re the right candidate and follow after-care instructions carefully with any surgical procedure.

When it comes to effectiveness…

While the results of EMSculpt and liposuction are very similar (they’re both highly effective and permanently destroy fat cells in targeted areas), liposuction only addresses the issue of targeting excess fat – while EMSculpt achieves both fat reduction and an increase in muscle tone. Liposuction is however capable of removing a higher degree of fat from the body, so it may be better for candidates with a little more to lose.

For a body transformation that addresses both fat loss AND muscle growth, EMSculpt takes the cake (literally – away from your figure!)

Are you ready to get the body you’ve always dreamed of, without the crazy diet limitations and vigorous workout regime?

Our doctors in Burlington are ready to meet with you for your consult! Reach out to us today to schedule your EMSculpt non-invasive body sculpting consultation today.