Therapeutic Botox© is the new solution everyone’s raving about

Nocturnal bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep) is one of the most common sleep disorders that occurs in roughly 10-15% of the population – with about 2 in 10 sufferers aware that they even have a problem.

Are you one of those people? If you aren’t sure, our Burlington dentists will be able to help you find out.

A Painful Problem

People who grind their teeth during sleep often wake up with a headache or sore jaw. This is a troublesome symptom that shouldn’t be ignored – because thankfully, there are solutions available. And not only is pain a symptom of a bruxism habit, but there are other potential and damaging consequences. This includes the wearing away of the teeth which can eventually expose the nerves and lead to sensitivity, and/or cause serious cracks or fractures that can damage teeth or dental restorations (this requires treatment – yes, often expensive dental work).

A new solution for Bruxism-associated pain: Therapeutic Botox©

While mouth guards are the standard option of treatment for a teeth grinding problem, they don’t necessarily prevent the discomfort felt in the morning. This is because jaw movements are uncontrollable, so even with a mouth guard there to prevent the upper and lower teeth from grinding together, the involuntary muscle movements can still lead to pain and headaches.

This is where Therapeutic Botox© for bruxism in Burlington comes in. Botox© is a medicinal ingredient that is able to effectively reduce muscle spasticity. It works by blocking specific pain receptors known to transmit pain, while also paralyzing the specific muscles active during teeth grinding (technically referred to as the masseter muscle). So essentially, it addresses the root of the problem – and works effectively for most patients who receive treatment.

Put an end to the Bruxing pain for once and for all

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