Our Burlington doctors go over the top 5 benefits of non-surgical, body-transforming procedures

Many of us struggle with body image issues – particularly when it comes to weight and fitness.

We all have an ideal weight and level of fitness we’d like to maintain for health reasons, and to ensure our self-confidence – but the truth is, these goals aren’t always easily attainable.

Whether it’s a busy schedule holding you back from achieving the body of your dreams, or if you’re dealing with trouble areas with stubborn excess fat that won’t budge no matter what you do – our Burlington doctors have a solution: body contouring treatment with the EMSculpt machine.

Looking to transform your body without committing to a vigorous workout routine and new diet?

Well, the advantages that body contouring treatments offer are not ones to ignore! Here are our top 5 benefits of body contouring:

1. It’s non-invasive and safe

Non-surgical body contouring treatments like the FDA-approved EMSculpt come with very minimal risk of side effects – in fact, the most common side effect is merely muscle soreness in the day following the procedure, comparable to that experienced after a vigorous workout session.

What’s more, EMSculpt utilizes the non-ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which causes no direct damage to the tissues or cells – so there’s nothing to worry about as you sit back and let our Burlington doctors work their EMSculpt magic.

2. It’s extremely convenient

Apart from being non-surgical, thus requiring zero downtime – just a single body contouring session typically takes no longer than half an hour!

Other fat loss treatments that require patients to go under the knife (such as liposuction or tummy tucks) will generally take hours to carry out, followed by a long recovery time where the patient must rest and follow care instructions for days to weeks.

3. It combines weight loss with muscle growth for a true transformation

Body contouring treatments like EMSculpt target fat while also increasing muscle mass and reducing the appearance of cellulite, to provide an even more satisfying and noticeable body transformation result. This gives body contouring treatments a real competitive edge over surgical fat loss treatments that do nothing to address muscle health.

On average, patients can expect to lose approximately 19% of white fat cells in the areas targeted by EMSculpt – or a substantial 1.5 inches of body fat lost from the waist following sessions.

4. It achieves what may be impossible to achieve through diet and exercise alone

Since body contouring treatments like EMSculpt use electromagnetic waves that create involuntary muscle contractions equal to doing around 20,000 manual squats or sit-ups in just a single session (something that we believe no human can do unless they’re blessed with some sort of superpowers) – then it’s safe to say that EMSculpt helps to make the impossible, possible.

Furthermore, many patients find that their body contouring treatment is the solution they needed to finally abolish those extremely stubborn pockets of fat that they’ve never been able to eliminate via strict dietary changes and workout routines on their own (we agree that life isn’t fair – but when alternative solutions are made available, it’s something to celebrate).

5. Results are effective and easily maintainable

Patients of fat reduction and body contouring treatments will generally begin to notice results after just a single body contouring treatment session, with multiple sessions encouraged for the most optimal results.

Patients can easily maintain their body contouring results at home through consuming within their daily caloric needs, in addition to ensuring they are maintaining some level of physical activity or regular exercise each day (this would ideally include working out or any heart rate-increasing activities such as brisk walking 3-5 times a week).

“Touch-up” sessions with the doctor can also be used as a great way to keep the body contoured and tight in addition to these at-home efforts.

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