’Tis the season for envy-worthy lips

Who doesn’t want to show up to their holiday events looking fabulous?! For many people, fuller lips is just what they desire to help them enter the party with the most confidence.

If you’re thinking about lip fillers for that extra va-va-voom this winter season, our doctors in Burlington have you covered for a juicier pout that’s natural-looking and sure to get heads turning 😉

What patients should expect during their lip enhancement procedure with our Burlington doctors

After discussing your specific goals with you, our doctors will begin your treatment by applying a topical numbing cream to the lips, and will wait several minutes for it to kick in before injecting. The great news is, this numbing cream is extremely effective at preventing any pain during your injections – so you’ll have a relatively comfortable experience while your lips are getting filled.

When it comes time for the actual injections, our doctors will use a very precise technique to ensure that you’re getting the most natural-looking result possible, and a result that is in line with your personal goals.

1cc is the standard for a naturally enhanced pout

Most patients choose to have their lips filled with no more than 1cc of hyaluronic acid gel, as any more than this can begin to look unnatural. Since hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that naturally occurs in our bodies, it makes for the best lip filling material capable of achieving a natural, smooth and beautiful result that’s free of any lumpy or bumpy textures.

Don’t be alarmed by post-procedure swelling

It’s completely normal and expected for the lips to swell following your treatment – but rest assured that this swelling will typically subside in the following 24-48 hours. Keep this in mind when scheduling your treatment, and make sure you don’t have any events to attend in the two days following your visit.

Ready to show off a plumper pout this holiday season?

Our Burlington doctors can help you achieve the natural-looking lip enhancement you’re looking for. Bring on the hyaluronic happiness!
Reach out to us and book your Burlington lip filler consultation by Dr. Jared Nabeta today.