Our Burlington doctors can’t recommend this non-invasive body contouring procedure enough

Staying in shape can be a constant battle for many or most of us, especially if we are genetically predisposed to our bodies holding onto stubborn areas of excess fat no matter what kind of lifestyle changes we strive to make.

But the great news is, gone are the days where the only way to achieve fat loss was through vigorous daily workout routines + dietary changes, or through a non-invasive body sculpting procedure requiring us to go under the knife. In fact, there’s a much easier, safer and convenient way to transform your body – and the results are truly mind-blowing.

With EMSculpt, patients can achieve the body they desire but haven’t been able to achieve on their own. With that said, if you’re considering EMSculpt for yourself, here are some reasons that will make it very easy to feel good about scheduling your first treatment session with our doctors in Burlington:

EMSculpt is non-surgical and extremely convenient

Aside from being non-invasive and therefor requiring zero downtime, a single EMSculpt session typically takes no longer than a quick and painless 30 minutes – making it especially convenient for people with busy schedules. Other procedures that require surgical intervention, such as liposuction or tummy tucks, take several hours to perform and require rest during recovery periods that can take days or weeks.

So, when it comes to convenience, EMSculpt definitely takes the cake (no pun intended!)

EMSculpt comes with very little risk of side effects

Since EMSculpt is nonsurgical, this also means that side effects are quite rare, and aren’t significant to begin with. In fact, the most common side effect that patients tend to experience with EMSculpt is something we’ve all been through in the day(s) following a strenuous workout: muscle soreness. But you know what they say – “no pain, no gain” – so any muscle soreness following your treatment session is just a sign that EMSculpt is doing its job!

Furthermore, EMSculpt is FDA-approved and uses the non-ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which causes no direct damage to tissues or cells. This means you can really feel good about “cheating” the fat loss system – as nothing about undergoing EMSculpt is unhealthy, unsafe or extreme by any means.

EMSculpt results are highly transformative – addressing both fat loss and muscle toning simultaneously

Another fantastic reason why patients should opt for EMSculpt as a non-surgical tummy tuck method is because it not only addresses the fat loss component that a surgical procedure could address, but it additionally works to build muscle and tone for a truly noticeable body transformation.

However, because more invasive procedures like tummy tucks and lipo are capable of removing larger amounts of excess fat from the body, a procedure like EMSculpt is more suited for patients who don’t have too much fat they’d like to lose. That said, EMSculpt is an excellent solution or people who are struggling to take off that extra 5-10 pounds that won’t seem to budge (this includes postpartum fat).

In fact, patients can expect to lose, on average, roughly 19% of white fat cells in the EMSculpt-treated areas. This equates to about 1.5 inches of fat loss from the waist, and around 7.5 pounds of fat (although results will vary from person to person). And additionally, an approximately 16% increase in muscle mass in the targeted area can also be expected – which, over time, aids in maintained and continuous fat loss, as well. You really can’t go wrong!

What’re you waiting for? A confident new you with EMSculpt awaits!

Whether you’re in the Greater Toronto Area or the Burlington Area, our team of experienced Burlington doctors, led by Dr. Jared Nabeta, can’t wait to assist you in achieving your dream body (without the knife)!

We’re pleased to offer our patients an EMSculpt 4-treatment package to help ensure the most optimal results possible, with the option of monthly maintenance sessions to maintain the toned and fabulous new you.

Contact us to schedule your EMSculpt consultation today!