Learn About Therapeutic Botox© for Pain in Burlington

A common oral health issue among adults, “bruxism”, or habitual teeth grinding/jaw clenching during sleep, puts a person’s oral health in harm’s way – but that’s not all. Many teeth grinders suffer from facial pain, earaches and tension headaches as a result of the constant pressures being exerted by the jaw while they catch those ZZZ’s.

So…why do people grind their teeth at night?

The cause of a bruxism habit isn’t completely understood, but it does seem to worsen during times of high stress or anxiety in a person’s life. And while the habit can’t be prevented as a person has no control over what their jaw does while they’re sleeping, it can fortunately be treated. A mouth guard or night guard can aid in protecting the smile from problems like dental breakage and/or wear, receding/inflamed gums, and damage to the tongue… which is great news! But what about when it comes to preventing tension headaches and facial pain?

Well, since this pain is a result of the pressures being exerted by the jaw (and this will occur even with a mouth guard in – the mouth guard only guards the teeth and tissues), then this unfortunately may not be sufficient in preventing it. This is where Therapeutic BOTOX® for Tension Headache Treatment comes in.

How does Therapeutic Botox© work for bruxism-associated pain?

Botox© has been able to successfully prevent excessive muscle spasticity, which plays a role in creating head/facial pain. The medicine works by blocking particular pain receptors responsible for transmitting pain, and also paralyzes the specific muscle active during teeth grinding (more specifically, the masseter muscle). During a Therapeutic Botox© treatment for bruxism, the medicine will be safely injected into the specific muscle areas requiring attention over 10-30 minutes per session.

Treatment for bruxism with Therapeutic Botox© should be used in conjunction with wearing a mouth guard, as Botox© injections alone will not protect a smile from the potentially harmful consequences of a teeth grinding habit. The effects of the medicine will typically lasts for three to four months.

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