Don’t let chronic muscle pain hold you back.

If you experience muscle pain or spasms in your face shoulders, arms, neck, lower back and/or legs, you may be suffering from what’s referred to as “myofascial pain syndrome” – but don’t fret – you’re in good (and unfortunately, uncomfortable) company.

Myofascial pain refers to chronic muscle pain and inflammation of the body’s soft tissues, or fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles), typically involving pain with specific “trigger” areas – so when pressure is applied to a specific point on a person’s body, pain is experienced. This type of pain usually affects both males and females aged 20-40 who tend to lead less active lifestyles or who have jobs that put constant pressure on the muscle. Myofascial pain syndrome is also thought to be a complication of an injury, misaligned posture and/or regular psychological or emotional stressors.

Where’s the hope for connective tissue pain?

Many sufferers of MPS benefit from treatment methods such as stretching combined with the use of a cooling spray, medication, physical/massage therapy or methods that aim to improve postural alignment. In more severe cases of myofascial pain, a combination of therapies can be beneficial.

Fortunately, many sufferers who have had no luck with the above remedies have been greatly benefiting from an alternative solution: Therapeutic Botox© for myofascial pain (trigger point injections). In fact, a 2012 study conducted by Chronic Pain Management Specialists F. Michael Ferrante, M.D. and Andrea Nicol, M.D at the University of California, Los Angeles found that subjects who received Therapeutic Botox© for myofascial pain experienced a greater reduction of pain scores when compared to subjects who received placebo injections. Read more about the study here.

About Therapeutic Botox© for muscle pain in Burlington

Botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) is injected into specific areas of the muscle to paralyze or relax them – leading to a reduction of discomfort due to the myofascial pain condition. It’s really that’s simple – and yes, it works.

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