Lip Enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid Gel

Dr. Jared Nabeta can give you the full, natural-looking lips you're after.



Achieve full, attractive and natural-looking lips.

Additional Info:

  • Lip enhancement is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the lips
  • It is charged by the number of filler syringes used
  • For a subtle enhancement typically two filler syringes are required
  • Results typically last 9 to 12 months
  • Side effects include swelling which usually lasts 48 hours and potential for activation of cold sores. If you are affected by cold sores a medication can be prescribed prior to injection that will prevent the development of cold sores
  • The product used for lip enhancement contains lidocaine so it will anesthetize as you are being treated
  • Multiple appointments may be necessary to achieve desired results

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