Let’s talk about the sensations experienced with this sensational procedure!

More often than not, a little bit of discomfort is necessary in order to achieve changes in our lives that better us as people. And, when it comes to bettering ourselves physically – the age-old adage “no pain, no gain” has never rung more true.

However, while some discomfort and sacrifice may be necessary when it comes to getting in shape the traditional way (with lifestyle changes via diet and exercise), there’s one modern method of shaping up that involves no pain whatsoever: EMSculpt non-invasive body contouring.

Sit back and relax: A new and transformed you awaits

At Nabeta, we offer the completely safe and non-surgical body contouring procedure EMSculpt in Toronto that requires nothing from the patient beyond sitting back and relaxing for 30-40 minutes as the magic happens!

During the procedure, our Burlington doctor will place a rubber pad on the targeted area of muscle. The pad will then produce powerful electromagnetic waves that create involuntary muscle contractions comparable to a vigorous workout that can’t be achieved manually. This stimulates the release of free fatty acids in the body and works to break down and eliminate fat deposits, all while strengthening muscle tone.

But is body contouring painful at all? How does it feel?

The majority of EMScuplt patients describe the treatment sensation as strange-feeling, therapeutic and spa-like even!, but they don’t describe it as feeling painful.

In fact, the sensation has been commonly described as comparable to a deep buzzing vibration, or muscle twitching. This makes sense, as the device works by using electromagnetic waves to stimulate skeletal muscle motor nerves with varying intensity – but never too aggressively. The sensation alternates from this deep buzzing vibration to lighter, tapping-like sensations in the muscles.

If, however, a patient were to begin experiencing some level of discomfort during their treatment, the intensity level can easily and instantly be lowered by the doctor performing treatment.

Will I feel any discomfort after the procedure?

It’s normal to feel some soreness and fatigue in the muscles the day following a nonsurgical body contouring procedure, which is actually the most common side effect of EMSculpt. This soreness will be comparable to that of the day after an intense or HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. But all in all, there’s zero downtime associated with EMSculpt body contouring in Burlington.

Ready for your body transformation with EMSculpt?

Our Burlington doctors can’t wait to see you whether you’re from the Greater Toronto Area or the Burlington area!

Dr. Jared Nabeta offers an EMSculpt 4-treatment package to patients to help ensure the best outcome possible, with the option of monthly maintenance sessions to upkeep the toned and fabulous new you.

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