Do you suffer from unattractive white spots on your teeth? Then this treatment’s for you.

If you’ve ever noticed any unsightly white spots on the surfaces of your teeth, then you’re not alone.

These white spots typically form as a result of “dental fluorosis”, which occurs due to an excess intake of fluoride during childhood. Luckily, this isn’t something to worry about from an oral health standpoint – but white spots could also form as a result of demineralization (enamel erosion) or trauma. They can even form due to treatment with orthodontic braces.

You can’t “brush away” white spots…

Unfortunately, the appearance of white spots can especially be frustrating for someone who does everything they can to look after the health of their smile – because despite a diligent daily oral care routine, those white spots are there to stay.

But the good news is: they don’t need to be! Our dentists offer a white spot removal treatment referred to as Icon (for “caries Infiltration CONcept”), a technology offered by DMG America, to effectively minimize the appearance of these noticeable spots on the teeth. And in addition to its cosmetic advantages, Icon also allows for the early treatment of lesions that have not yet progressed into full-blown cavities; strengthening weaker areas of the enamel. It’s quite impressive.

How does the Icon treatment work?

No drilling required, the Icon treatment works by filling in the areas of concern with a material that is closer to the natural shade of the tooth, essentially masking the whiter areas. It’s pain-free, conservative and, the results are instant and life-long.

Ready to perfect your smile for the holidays?

If you’ve had it with the appearance of white spots on your teeth, we can help. Call our friendly doctors today to book a consultation! We’d love to see you and your smile.