We’ve got you covered if the “fake” or “over-filled” look just isn’t your thing.

Longing for a fuller pout, but worried that lip fillers are going to cause your lips to look unnatural? Fortunately, our Burlington doctors are trained and certified injectors with a talent for delivering beautiful and completely natural-looking lip enhancement results.

In fact, there’s a certain technique that is used in order to ensure your lip filler treatment never looks fake or obvious.

Curious about this technique? Keep reading!

First things first: Placement matters (a lot)

During your lip fillers treatment in Burlington, our doctors will be very particular and precise with where and how they inject the hyaluronic acid gel.

For the most natural-looking result, the volume ratio of upper-to-bottom lip must be considered. From a frontal view, the upper lip should appear to be roughly two-thirds of the volume of the lower lip. When we perceive an upper lip that is of equal or more volume to that of the lower lip, this is when the enhancement begins to look artificial.

Turns out, the human eye is a very keen critic

A study by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery uncovered that 50 percent of participants believed lips to have been treated if the ratio of lower to upper lips was less than 0.92 or greater than 1.48 – with 50 percent also perceiving the lips to be unnatural if the ratio of lower to upper was either less than 0.85 or greater than one. It’s a very thin line to cross into fake-looking-lips territory, and our injectors approach placement with the utmost caution.

Furthermore, it’s important to preserve any existing Cupid’s bow shape present. Over-filling the philtral tubercle has commonly led to a fake or duck-like appearance of the lips. Our doctors maintain, not alter, the small peaks of the Cupid’s bow for a stunning and natural result.

By always taking these guidelines into consideration while also considering the patient’s unique lip enhancement goal, we can create an extremely natural-looking pout that flatters and compliments the patient’s face beautifully.

Using the right product is essential, as well

At Nabeta Dentistry, we only use hyaluronic acid gel to inject the lips. This is due to the products ability to achieve a beautiful, full and most importantly, smooth appearance that is free of any obvious lumps.

Just like collagen (which we also love!), hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in the human body – rendering it a perfect material for the most natural-looking lip enhancement results.

With that said, most patients will generally receive no more than 1cc of hyaluronic acid in their lips in a single treatment, as any more than this can lead to an unnatural look. It is always our goal to maintain the natural lip border using a conservative amount of filler to avoid any hint of an overfilled or “sausage-y” lip look.

Ready for a seamless lip enhancement treatment with our experienced doctors in Burlington?

Your lips deserve nothing less! Let us help you achieve the natural-looking volume you’re looking for.

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