We answer one of the most common questions patients have about EMSculpt and more.

Non-invasive or non-surgical contouring procedures have been taking the cosmetic world by storm – and it’s really no mystery as to why that is.

With zero downtime, significantly lower to no associated risks, and results that create noticeable transformations for patients looking to slim and tone their physique – body contouring procedures like EMSculpt is a very easy decision for many (especially when compared to invasive treatments like liposuction or tummy tucks).

With that said, it’s common for first-time patients of body contouring treatments to have questions about the procedure, including how long or how many sessions it will typically takes to achieve their desired results. In this article, we’re going to cover just that and more – so keep reading!

Before we get started… what exactly is EMSculpt, the body contouring treatment offered by our Burlington doctors?

Great question. EMSculpt is one of the most popular nonsurgical fat reduction procedures offered to patients today – but what makes it so unique and desirable is the fact that it can perform both the elimination of dead fat cells AND stimulation of muscle tissue leading to growth in muscle mass and an overall more toned, fit body. Who can say no to that?

How EMSculpt works: EMSculpt employs an incredible technology that utilizes High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) energy, allowing the machine to stimulate and activate powerful (and, definitely worth mentioning – painless) muscle contractions in a given treatment area that would be impossible to achieve through manual physical activity due to the speed of these contractions.

You said HOW many contractions…?!

In fact, this body contouring device can create a staggering 20,000 muscle contractions in only 30 minutes – meaning that just a single treatment session with EMSculpt specifically targeting the abdomen would be the equivalent of doing 20,000 ab crunches in just half an hour! Pretty crazy, huh? Let’s see the average person – or even a seasoned athlete – try to accomplish that feat. (Hint: we did the math, and this would equate to around 733 crunches per MINUTE). As far as we’re concerned, that’s as impossible as impossible gets.

The big question: How many treatment sessions will I need in order to achieve my desired results?

While body contouring patients find that they typically will notice results after just a single EMSculpt session, it is strongly recommended to plan to undergo a total of four treatment sessions over a two-week period for the absolute best results. With that being said, peak fat loss results are generally noticeable anywhere from about two to four weeks following the fourth and final treatment session with our doctors.

Moreover, the great news is that patients can continue to easily maintain their EMSculpt transformation results at home through simply ensuring they consume within their daily caloric needs and refrain from regularly going over, in addition to ensuring that they maintain some degree of physical activity or regular exercise every day to help keep their shape. Ideally, this exercise regime should include performing workouts or any heart rate-increasing activities such as brisk walking at a frequency of 3-5 times per week.

It’s worth mentioning that a patient can additionally undergo “touch-up” treatment sessions with our doctors to further aid in keeping the body tight and toned.

How much fat can I lose with my four treatment sessions?

On average, EMSculpt patients can expect to lose approximately 19% of white fat cells in the targeted areas following their rounds of treatment. Visually, this equates to about 1.5 inches from the waist (provided this is the treated area) – and if we consider the generalization that every inch lost is equal to five pounds of fat, then it’s safe to say that roughly 7.5 pounds of fat can be eliminated with this body sculpting procedure. And – let’s not forget about the 16% average increase in muscle mass additionally achieved through EMSculpt’s magical super-contraction technology.

Am I even a candidate for the EMSculpt procedure?

Most people at a relatively healthy weight with a minimal amount of fat to lose will be a good candidate for a body sculpting procedure like EMSculpt.

More specifically, if you’re dealing with no more than around 30 pounds of unwanted fat that you’re looking to lose to get you closer to your ideal healthy body weight, then EMSculpt could make an excellent choice. If you happen to have over 30 pounds of excess fat however, or are considerably overweight according to the BMI (body mass index), you may not be the best candidate for the procedure as you will likely not notice a satisfying level of transformation.

So, if you’ve been feeling unconfident in your body shape due to stubborn and unflattering areas of fat that don’t budge no matter what you try to do (e.g. living a more healthy lifestyle and changing your diet and exercise habits) – then don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. EMSculpt could be just the treatment you need to help you look and feel like the most attractive you yet!

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