Here’s how to get the most out of your EMSculpt treatment.

Let’s face it: committing to a highly active lifestyle and a healthy, calorie-conscious diet can be challenging. But there’ great news for anyone longing for a lean, toned body without the strict dedication to a fitness-centred lifestyle.

People are just now discovering the miraculous ways of the EMSculpt non-invasive body contouring, offered in Burlington by our experienced doctors.

While liposuction was the go-to fat elimination procedure for years, EMSculpt is entirely non-surgical and not only works to eliminate fat – but also increases muscle tone simultaneously (in fact, the average patient can achieve approximately 16% gains in muscle mass after treatment)!

So, for candidates with a little less fat to lose and a desire to tone up as well – EMSculpt is truly a perfect solution.

With that said, patients who have undergone EMSculpt sessions are more than pleased with the results – and feel extremely confident in their new and improved form! But it’s common to wonder just how long EMSculpt results will keep up for following treatment.

We’re here to cover that.

How long do EMSculpt results generally last?

While the muscle gaining component of EMSculpt results are not permanent, patients can, on average, enjoy their newly transformed body for approximately 6 months or longer – or a lifetime if new lifestyle adjustments are made. The better that a healthy diet and activity levels are adhered to on a long-term basis, the better the results can be maintained.

Furthermore, the most ideal candidates for EMSculpt treatment are people with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or under, who are in general good health with not too much fat to lose. If you’re simply looking for that extra bit of help shaping up that you just haven’t been able to achieve with dietary and lifestyle changes alone (we get it, our bodies can be stubborn!) – then EMSculpt can be the perfect solution.

Remember – a single EMSculpt session is equal to doing around 20,000 squats or sit-ups due to the automatic contractions simulated by the machine. Whose willing to do that many squats or sit-ups in a single workout session? (Or better yet, who even can?!)

Technically, you can stay “snatched” for as long as you wish

Patients can come in for follow-up or “touch-up” EMSculpt sessions with our doctors every several months or so as an optimal way to keep the body tight and toned. Combine these maintenance sessions with an improved diet and occasional gym visits – and you’ve got a great EMSculpt results maintenance regime!

Our EMSculpt machine is ready to work its magic. Your dream body awaits!

Are you finally ready to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted? Our doctors in Burlington are ready to consult with you!

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