This non-surgical treatment burns fat and builds muscle without interrupting important mommy duties.

Becoming a mother to a new baby is an incredibly special milestone for a woman, especially for one who has never had a child before.

And while becoming a new mom can be a very joyous and beautiful experience, motherhood also tends to introduce some less-than-ideal changes to the body.

For example, according to the Be Fit Mom website, roughly 30% of women experience some degree of Diastasis Recti in the six weeks following the birth of their child – a condition that occurs when the abdominals separate due to the growth of the uterus pushing the ab muscles apart, resulting in a larger, rounder midsection.

But the good news is, nonsurgical fat loss and body contouring treatments like EMSculpt can help new moms snap back to their pre pregnancy body even faster – and can even give them an even more snatched, toned physique than they previously had through simultaneously banishing unwanted fat and helping build muscle.

How EMSculpt works to combat Diastasis Recti through electromagnetic energy

Women suffering from Diastasis Recti following childbirth can use EMSculpt to help re-tighten the abdominal core, thus improving the appearance of the midsection. But how does EMSculpt achieve this?

Well, EMSculpt uses a technology referred to as High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, which allows the device to stimulate and activate powerful (yet painless) muscle contractions that can’t simply be achieved through manual physical activity alone.

EMSculpt truly makes the impossible, possible

The EMSculpt device can induce an unthinkably high number of muscle contractions in just half an hour – 20,000 muscle contractions, to be exact – equating one single EMSculpt treatment session to performing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes. Crazy, isn’t it? And it’s completely safe for moms.

When the body experiences these automatic and powerful contractions in the targeted abdominal area, the muscle tissues begin to adjust to these new conditions, and begin to remodel and repair its inner structure. So moms can say goodbye to previously weakened abdominal muscles, and hello to a new and strengthened core.

EMSculpt is an excellent and safe option for busy moms post-pregnancy

With new moms having less time to commit to demanding weight loss treatment plans, such as a rigorous daily workout routine or even a “mommy makeover”-style surgery like a tummy tuck that requires a lot of downtime and recovery – a quick, safe and non-invasive body contouring solution like EMSculpt can be the perfect way to eliminate stubborn fat and achieve those pre-baby body goals.

For best results, multiple 30-minute EMSculpt treatment sessions are recommended by our Burlington doctors, as one session alone may not be enough to fully reverse such changes caused by pregnancy. But with that said, one EMSculpt session will still be able to burn fat and provide a visible improvement, with the full result typically noticeable by four weeks following treatment. Results are also easily maintainable with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Moms: Let us help you achieve your post-baby #bodygoals without breaking a sweat

As new mothers love their babies, they should be able to love their own bodies, too – and common physical changes that come with pregnancy can be a lot for any woman to adjust to.

Fortunately, our Burlington doctors are here to help moms quickly return to an even better version of their pre-baby bod without having to break a sweat or go under the knife – all thanks to the EMSculpt non-invasive body contouring procedure.

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