Don’t fret: EMSculpt is here to rescue you from your inner thigh fat woes (and the ‘chub rub’ that comes with it).

Inner thigh fat is an incredibly common area of concern for people everywhere – and this is especially no secret to cosmetic surgeons.

Patients often complain of experiencing the unpleasant “chub rub” while walking bare-thighed in the heat, but most just simply aren’t a fan of the aesthetic appearance a larger thigh – especially if it appears out of proportion to the rest of the body and its fat distribution.

Why are the inner thighs such a popular problem area?

If you’re a woman that is unhappy with excess thigh fat, know that you’re certainly not alone.

Also referred to as the “medial thighs”, the inner thighs contain deposits of “sex-specific fat” that are influenced by the hormone estrogen. This is why the female population experiences a higher incidence of fat in areas such as the thighs and buttocks, as scientists believe that these fat reserves provide women with more energy during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

As it’s unfortunately impossible to target fat loss from specific areas of the body while avoiding others, any claim of “spot reduction” exercises or dietary tips are naturally a total myth. That’s why fat reduction procedures or treatments are necessary in so many cases, as fat distribution and composition is not always completely balanced or proportionally ideal from an aesthetic standpoint.
Fortunately for anyone struggling with stubborn excess fat, our doctors in Burlington offer an Emsculpt NEO procedure that targets specific treatment areas of the body for fat elimination all while simultaneously working to increase and strengthen muscle mass and tone – so it’s truly a match made in heaven for addressing fatty inner thighs. In fact, EMSculpt NEO was actually initially cleared by the FDA solely for use on the abdomen before it received the green light for use on other common problem areas such as the inner thighs.

And we’re SO glad the technology has come this far.

More about EMSculpt

EMSculpt is a revolutionary, FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring procedure used for common areas of concern such as the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms and calves. The treatment utilizes both electromagnetic energy and Radio Frequency (RF) technology to both eliminate fat and build muscle.

The only nonsurgical body contouring treatment of its kind to exist, the EMSculpt device is applied to the treated area and uses its dual energy technology to heat the underlying fat and muscle cells. This thermal action works to destroy and eliminate the fat cells located above the muscles being targeted, while also heating the muscles and creating an intense, non-manual re-creation of a vigorous workout through the electromagnetic energy administered.

In fact, “vigorous workout” is an understatement – as the muscle contractions created by the device are equal to doing 20,000 crunches or sit ups in 30 minutes, which would be impossible for any normal human being to achieve on their own.

The fat cells that are damaged through the treatment process are gradually collected by the body’s natural lymphatic system, and are then processed out of the body as waste. Once the fat cells are eliminated from the body this way, they are banished from ever growing back – resulting in a long-term result with each EMSculpt session. Pretty amazing, right?

And what’s more: clinical studies have shown that EMSculpt treatments can lead to an incredible 25% increase in muscle growth, on average, in addition to a 30% decrease in fat (also on average).

To summarize the amazing benefits of Emsculpt :

  • It slims out the physique while also strengthening, toning and sculpting
  • It builds while also firming up the muscle groups
  • It provides fat reduction that is long-term and natural looking – unlike what can occasionally happen with faulty liposuction procedures in the hands of inexperienced surgeons
  • It’s essentially painless, as patients often report the procedure as feeling like a “pulling” sensation that is comfortable and tolerable
  • It’s quick and convenient, as each treatment session is about only 30 minutes long in duration
  • It requires little to zero downtime required following treatment
  • It’s completely safe and approved by the FDA

Is EMSculpt right for me and my inner thigh fat concerns?

EMSCulpt is a safe and ideal non-invasive fat loss treatment option for many people, however some people are better candidates than others – and some should avoid the procedure altogether, such as anyone with an implanted medical device or metal present anywhere in their body. Additionally, women who are pregnant should not undergo this treatment.

With that being said, the best candidates for EMSculpt treatments will typically have no higher than a body mass index (BMI) of 35, or in other words, a small to moderate amount of fat to lose. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the results one or several EMSculpt for thighs sessions can provide for them.

Ready to eliminate your excess thigh fat for once and for all?

Our Burlington doctors are ready (and excited) to help you achieve your snatched leg and thigh goals through the magic of EMSculpt treatment technology!

Contact our experienced doctors in Burlington to learn more about this popular treatment, or to schedule your EMSculpt consultation with us today.

Worth noting: Dr. Jared Nabeta proudly offers an EMSculpt 4-treatment package to patients to help achieve the most noticeable possible, with the option of monthly maintenance sessions to stay in optimal shape.