Therapeutic Botox for Myofascial & Jaw Pain Management

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Many adults suffer from debilitating face and upper body pain. Fortunately, Therapeutic Botox© has been growing in popularity due to its effectiveness in providing people with relief from these debilitating pain issues. Botox© has been successfully used in practice to treat muscle disorders associated with excessive cholinergic activity, such as cervical dystonia (CD) and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Therapeutic Botox for Myofascial Pain

Botox© is approved to treat myofascial pain that occurs as a result of Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) – a musculoskeletal condition that deals with referred muscle tissue pain, tenderness and spasms that occur throughout different areas of the body. It is also typical for sufferers to also experience poor sleep patterns and daytime fatigue. The exact cause of myofascial pain is currently unknown.

Therapeutic Botox for Jaw Pain

Many patients have successfully achieved relief from their TMD symptoms with Therapeutic Botox©. The Botulinum toxin type A (Botox©) is able to effectively inhibit the abrupt or forceful movements of the jaw that are involuntary – the movements that are known to cause TMD-related pain.

During your Therapeutic Botox© treatment for jaw and/or myofascial pain, the medicine will be safely injected into the specific muscle areas requiring attention over 10-30 minutes per treatment. The medicine works by essentially paralyzing or relaxing the specific muscles responsible for the pain. Botox© also blocks specific pain receptors responsible for transmitting pain.

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Myofascial pain - Therapeutic botox treatment

Botox treatment works by essentially relaxing the specific muscles responsible for face or neck pain.

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