Therapeutic Botox to Relieve Chronic Headache

Botox Goes Beyond Its Cosmetic Advantages...

Sadly, many adults suffer from chronic tension headache and head pain on a regular basis. These distracting and intense aches unfortunately make things like going to work and performing the simplest of tasks challenging and daunting – not to mention, can make it downright impossible to enjoy many of life’s little pleasures. Certainly, it’s no way to live... and to make matters worse, it can be difficult to find an effective method of relief.

Are you a headache sufferer?

If you’re no stranger to the debilitating pain and discomfort caused by tension type headaches, and if you haven’t had much success with pain relief medication, Therapeutic Botox© may just be the answer you’re looking for.

Therapeutic Botox© was actually discovered accidentally! Patients who were receiving Botox© treatment for cosmetic purposes (to treat wrinkles) noticed that they were experiencing relief from their headaches. And its effectiveness is rather substantial: one trial conducted to test the success of Botox© treatment for headache relief discovered a minimum 50% decrease in the occurrence of headache days in the Botox©-treated group vs. the placebo group. It’s no wonder the treatment continues to become more and more popular in the medical community.

How does Therapeutic Botox© for Chronic Tension Headache work?

Our Therapeutic Botox© for chronic tension headaches treatment will work in a way that’s similar to TMD treatment with Therapeutic Botox©. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox©) is injected into the specific muscles that are associated with tension headache. This typically takes 10-30 minutes depending on how much is required. Once the Botox© is administered, it is able to relax the muscles and reduce the intensity of contractions – helping to prevent this source of stress or tension known to lead to head pain. It’s that simple.

See what Therapeutic Botox© can do for you.

Dr. Jared Nabeta offers Therapeutic Botox© as a safe and effective treatment option for chronic tension headache in adults. If you’ve been hopelessly suffering from chronic headache pain and have had enough, come in to see our qualified and friendly doctors in Burlington. A Therapeutic Botox© treatment may be just the thing you need to finally feel relief.

Therapeutic Botox for Chronic Headaches

Using Botox as a treatment for tension headaches continues to become more and more popular in the medical community.

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