Our Burlington doctors have some great news for moms looking to snap back after pregnancy.

Following the birth of a child, the body is typically not what it once was – and for many moms, getting back to their original physique is the goal.

Unfortunately however, motherhood is a full-time job that makes it difficult for many women to find the time to work out and snap back to their pre-pregnancy body in a quick timeframe (or achieve that same level of fitness at all).

But there’s good news: non-invasive procedures like EMSculpt offered by our experienced doctors in Burlington can help to restore the body to its pre-partum state – so women longing to eliminate postpartum fat while toning up can do so with no workouts or significant dietary changes required!

How EMSculpt works to eliminate postpartum fat:

It targets fat in common problem areas (and targets it well)
EMSculpt works to successfully eliminate fat in areas women commonly describe as “stubborn”; namely fat in the abdomen. With EMSculpt’s ability to do so, women struggling with postpartum belly fat that doesn’t seem to want to budge can use this highly effective method that requires no surgery or downtime whatsoever.

And, of course, the device can also be used to target the buttocks, upper arms, back or thighs – not just the belly.

It builds muscle, which helps to ultimately burn even more fat

There’s no need to do thousands of labour-intensive abdominal moves like sit-ups and crunches as the EMSculpt technology does it for you with its supramaximal contractions via electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy! This causes muscle growth and contributes to a more toned physique, while simultaneously promoting accelerated fat loss long after your session (since the more muscle we contain in our bodies, the more fat we can burn naturally).

EMSCulpt will help you achieve your pre-baby body in a quicker timeframe, and it may even appear more toned than before your pregnancy.

Busy Toronto moms don’t have as much time to commit to either a diligent daily workout routine, or a high-commitment “mommy makeover” surgery like a tummy tuck or butt lift that requires a lot of healing downtime.

That’s why quick, 30-minute EMSculpt sessions in Burlington can be the perfect solution for moms wanting to get back their pre-baby bod, as there’s currently not a more convenient and effective method of body sculpting available on the market. And another great thing is, patients can control how many EMSculpt sessions they undergo until they are satisfied with their results. Maintenance sessions are recommended every several months for optimal results, but results can be quite successfully maintained with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Our doctors are here to help you tone up that post-baby bod (without going under the knife)

Hardworking moms deserve to feel confident in their bodies – and our Burlington doctors can help.

Ready to restore your body to what it once was (or even better) before pregnancy? Contact Nabeta Dentistry to schedule your EMSculpt non-invasive body sculpting consultation today!