Therapeutic Botox for Bruxism

You Don’t Have to Wake Up In Pain.

Do you have a bruxism (teeth grinding) problem? Bruxism is more common than you may think – and many people aren’t even aware that they’ve been grinding their teeth, since it occurs during sleep. Warning signs of a bruxism habit include regularly waking up a sore jaw or headache, or noticing visible indications of wear – such as jagged, rough edges or teeth that appear shorter than usual.

Don’t “Brush Off” Your Bruxism Pain. Address It!

Unfortunately, the effects of bruxism are serious, and should never be ignored. The damage that teeth grinding is capable of causing to a smile is irreversible, and preventive measures should always be taken. That said, bruxism sufferers should wear a mouth guard to bed every night to prevent damage to the teeth.

While night guards do an effective job at protecting a person’s smile, they don’t necessarily prevent the potentially painful consequences of these uncontrolled jaw movements. This is where Therapeutic Botox© for bruxism comes in.

How does Therapeutic Botox work for teeth grinding pain?

Botox© has been able to effectively prevent excessive muscle spasticity, which contributes to that painful morning jaw or headache time and time again. The medicine works by blocking specific pain receptors responsible for transmitting pain, and also paralyzes the specific muscle active during bruxism (specifically, the masseter muscle). During your Therapeutic Botox© treatment for bruxism, the medicine will be safely injected into the specific muscle areas requiring treatment over 10-30 minutes per session.

See what Therapeutic Botox© can do for you.

If you’re been looking for an alternative means of treatment for your bruxism pain, contact Nabeta Dentistry today. A Therapeutic Botox© treatment may be just what you need to find relief.

Bruxism, Teeth Grinding

The effects of bruxism can be serious, and should never be ignored.

Find out how Botox can be an effective treatment for tension headaches, bruxism and facial pain.
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