Our Burlington doctors are here to answer your questions about this popular non-invasive body contouring treatment

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments such as the incredible EMSculpt (offered at our Burlington clinic!) have been booming in popularity due to the amazing results they can achieve.

Unique to EMSculpt, this procedure simultaneously eliminates fat AND builds muscle mass to deliver a truly transformed result. With that being said, many people considering EMSculpt want to feel assured that the treatment is absolutely right for them.

So, if you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s talk about the most important factors that would deem someone a great candidate for EMSculpt:

If you’re no more than 30 pounds from your goal body weight:

People who fall into a normal to moderately overweight category on the BMI (body mass index) are likely to be a good candidate for EMSculpt treatment, as they will likely be within 30 pounds of an ideal weight for their height.

It’s critical to be no more than 30 extra pounds from your ideal body weight, as this is when you will notice the most dramatic results with treatment that virtually all EMSculpt patients will be very satisfied with.

If you want to avoid going under the knife:

Invasive surgery isn’t for everyone – and that’s easy to understand. With more associated risks such as infection and long healing periods that require clearing of schedules – it’s definitely more convenient (and wise) to opt for a non-surgical procedure when one has the opportunity.

And luckily, EMSculpt is entirely non-invasive – no scalpels, sutures, anesthesia, or downtime involved whatsoever! That’s something that every EMSculpt patient can feel great about.

If you aren’t pregnant/nursing or planning on getting pregnant in the near future:

Unfortunately, there is no current body sculpting procedure approved by the FDA for safe use on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

That being said, you will be considered as a good EMSculpt candidate if you are not currently pregnant or nursing, and ideally, if you also don’t plan on becoming pregnant in the near future when maintenance treatments are recommended.

If you don’t have any implanted metal devices:

EMSculpt is also not recommended for people who have any implanted metal devices in their body, such as a metal IUD (intra-uterine device for birth control), metal pacemaker, or other metal pieces like screws, plates or rods.

If you’re confident that you can maintain your new toned figure:

After EMSculpt works its magic through eliminating stubborn fat and aiding in new muscle growth, your results will need to be maintained in the same way anybody transformation is maintained – through consuming an appropriate caloric intake daily with respect to your height, gender, age, and activity levels.

Furthermore, a consistent exercise routine will help you to maintain your new muscle mass, or EMSculpt maintenance sessions will also aid in helping you keep your new and fabulously toned shape.

If you’re recovering from a certain injury:

EMSculpt also works as a supplemental treatment alongside physical therapy and can be very beneficial for athletes or anyone else who is looking to rebuild their muscles following certain injuries.

If you have realistic result expectations:

If you’re expecting an extremely dramatic body makeover with EMSculpt, then this treatment is likely not for you. The best candidates for EMSculpt have realistic expectations about their results – which most patients are very satisfied with!

EMSculpt patients on average experience around 7.5 pounds of fat loss, in conjunction with a 16% increase in muscle mass. Pretty amazing for a non-surgical treatment method, if you ask us!

You deserve to feel confident in your body!

Think you’re a good candidate for EMSculpt?

We’re happy to hear it! Contact our experienced doctors in Burlington to learn more about this popular nonsurgical body sculpting procedure, or to schedule your EMSculpt consultation with us today.

FYI: Dr. Jared Nabeta proudly offers an EMSculpt 4-treatment package to patients to help ensure the best results possible, with the option of monthly maintenance sessions to stay in top shape.