Here’s what you should know before scheduling your first body sculpting session

EMSculpt has been taking the cosmetic world by storm, and it’s no question as to why!

For those first hearing about the treatment: EMSculpt is an FDA-approved, non-invasive body sculpting procedure that works to both build muscle AND reduce unwanted fat simultaneously in areas like the abdomen and/or buttocks.

Currently, no other treatment on the market is capable of targeting both muscle and fat at the same time – making EMSculpt truly revolutionary! Learn more about the basics and FAQ about EMSculpt in our blog post here.

Now, EMSculpt patients should be aware of potential side effects of this procedure before they commit to their first session. Our Burlington doctors are here to tell you what you can expect following treatment.

Are there any side effects to EMSculpt treatment?

Since EMSculpt is an entirely non-invasive procedure, this also means it requires zero downtime along with very little risk of side effects. In fact, the most common side effect with EMSculpt is the sensation of muscle soreness following treatment, which can be compared to the soreness experienced the day following an intense workout. This is why it’s recommended to avoid working out or any vigorous physical activity for several hours following your EMSculpt session.

Furthermore, the third stage of EMSculpt treatment is actually designed to alleviate any muscle soreness through helping to flush out lactic acid from the body.

Can anyone undergo EMSculpt sessions?

Even though the risk of side effects with EMSculpt is very minimal, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Since EMSculpt uses High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) technology to trigger and activate powerful muscle contractions, those with any implanted medical devices or metal pieces (e.g. pacemakers, plates and/or screws) should not undergo this procedure.

Additionally, patients who are pregnant or who have an IUD (intrauterine device) composed of metal should also avoid this treatment.

Our Burlington doctors will help you determine whether you’re a candidate for EMSculpt at your initial consultation

If you’ve been considering EMSculpt to target unwanted fat and improve muscle tone, scheduling an initial consultation with our experienced doctors is your first step! Nabeta Dentistry proudly offers an EMSculpt 4-treatment package to patients to help ensure the best results possible, with the option of monthly maintenance sessions to stay in top shape.

Ready to start sculpting the body of your dreams that could be impossible to achieve with just working out and dietary changes alone? Well then, what are you waiting for?!

Contact Dr. Jared Nabeta to schedule your first EMSculpt consultation today!