If it could work for her, it could work for you

This month, we want to share an inspiring story about a retired police officer in San Diego named Adrienne Groza – and her journey to finding relief from debilitating muscle pain. (Credit to abcnews.go for the story.

Adrienne’s Story

It would appear as though Adrienne’s life would never be the same after two unfortunate incidents that put her health in serious harm’s way. The first incident involved a drunken driver who ran a red light and smashed into her new police cruiser, causing her to spin 360 degrees – and another incident just three months later with a violent altercation with a drunk man who thought she was his ex-girlfriend. During that altercation, Groza was wrestling with the man on the ground and her back locked up. She saw a doctor and was diagnosed with three bulging discs in her neck, with one of the discs close to rupturing her spinal cord – sadly, forcing her to retire.

No more hope for Adrienne?

Adrienne searched for years for a solution to her chronic pain, and was able to improve and fuse her injured discs with the help of an orthopedic surgeon. However, 11 years later, Groza experienced another collision on the road that broke her neck once again – requiring her to have an even more extensive second surgery to fuse her discs.

A BOTOX Therapeutic™ Miracle

Groza’s pain specialist, Dr. Joe Shurman of Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, California, mentioned that even with successful surgeries, people can be left with intense muscle spasms – making it difficult to even turn their heads. However, it was the additional BOTOX Therapeutic™ treatment following Groza’s surgeries that was able to provide her with actual effective relief, bringing her pain down to where it was tolerable. “I was in so much pain,” said Groza. “The minute he got [the Botox injection] in me, it was like instant relief”. Groza’s doctor was even surprised about the effectiveness of the botulinum toxin A (Botox).

About Therapeutic Botox© for muscle pain in Burlington

Botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) is injected into specific areas of the muscle to paralyze or relax them – leading to a reduction of discomfort due to the myofascial pain condition. It’s really that’s simple – and yes, it works.

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